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The world can not save you. But you can!

Friends, the world we see is not how it seems to be. Everything we hear from the masses, governments and media will not help you in any way to find Reality of unbroken peace, joy and happiness.

I can’t tell you what’s waiting around the corner but what used to be normal will never be normal again. The world you knew is gone forever and what replaces it will depend on your willingness to leave the old behind. I am trying to reach out to you and get you to notice a truth beyond our world, beyond our individuality and beyond everything we knew.

There is One Truth and a million paths. How you discover Truth is up to you and your desire to discover it. Don’t wait for the government to tell you what to do next because because what’s next will be a real nightmare if you stubbornly choosing to hold on to that which is dying and soon will be dead. There will be no salvation! No one will save you. The whole system of super technological advances, world economy, military organizations, health care, schools and everything that is suppose to make us safe and thrive is of no help. Can you see now that nothing of the world can save you? The whole world collapsed in just a few months and all the safety you thought you had was nothing but clouds that looked liked castles. There is no government or institution that will save you and there is no family member or friend that can save you either when everyone is frozen in time with no idea where to go or what to do. But still, God’s love is infinite and accessible to all who are blessed to hear the message of redemption.

This is why I’m reaching out my hand of love and compassion to you. Trust that if you take my hand you will be escorted to almighty grace and liberation. The hand of the Divine is available to all of us – take it and you will be shown the way.
We are in times where a total lock-down of the world makes no sense at all. At the same time you hear the message that God is real and He Loves you and wants you to know that you are the same love. Depending on your openness, you either stay with what you can see and touch or you make a gigant leap into the miraculous and magical. I tell you: God is not a fantasy: God is all there is. Take the leap of faith and salvation will be yours.

Pray to anyone or anything you want. Pray to God, Jesus, Allah, Jehova, The Tao, Pachamama, Universe, Divine, Shiva, Brahman, Cosmos or the Origin of life. Pray to anyone you wish but pray deeply and intensely, surrender yourself to that power. That which you surrender to will start to guide you if your wish is authentic. What you will be drawn to is impossible to know, you just have to trust that it is the way for you. You can be guided to eating better, letting go, meditation, writing, exercise or anything but as long as you have God’s love in your heart and mind you are on the right path.

Turn within. Take time to completely let go of the world and anything in it. Go within, stay within, concentrate with in. Put all your attention on yourSelf. Salvation is there! Listen deeply and attentively, stay in silence and help will come.

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